Maldives: Lost in Paradise for a Holiday Destination

‘That day when we passed from the highly beautiful palm islands, with the low sun over our starboard side, it threw the glow light over Small Island which was floating like the flower basket… I wrote in my diary that Maldives is the most beautiful islet than any other island in Polynesia.’

The Maldives Mystery – By Thor Heyerdahl. For more info, check out The lawyers in London

No one can have any doubts about the decision of author as he has elaborated Maldives as paradise on earth. It is the most beautiful island present on this earth with the breathtaking coral reefs and wonderful creatures underwater that grabs the attention of a large number of tourists. The Maldives include nearly 1192 coral islands clustered in 26 coral atolls and around them nearly 200 people are inhabited and 100 resorts are available there.

Get within Maldives:

Going with the Maldives or around the Maldives actually need three forms that are, whether you can travel in seaplanes (air taxis), boats or you can travel in your private yachts. These three methods are used by the tourists to visit the beautiful island. But most of the tourists use the boats and the preferred way is to walk. Male is the capital city of Maldives and is only one square mile and so; the resort you are going to pick for your stay will be within the walking distance. But, if you are travelling by ferry then this is not expensive at all. If you have found your own resort then you will be given a representative from the resort to the island in which you are going to stay. Then, you have to take the ferry, seep boat or an air taxi as the method of transport and all of them are much easy and enjoyable.

Things You Must Do In Maldives:

Along with the making of water bungalow within honeymoon, the most basic activity is the scuba diving. Water within Maldives remains warm entire year and diving is easily possible whenever you go. But when it is the time for rain, waves, and winds, this is recommended to stop diving. Therefore, the best time to try scuba diving is from the January to April as the sea remains calm that time and the sun is shining. Moreover, the visibility remains 30 m at this time. The best diving site in Maldives is the Blue Hole and Hanifaru Bay.

Apart from the diving, you can also try the surfing in between the October and March. Many surfing information is centred on the Male which is highly crowded with the safari boats. You can also try in the Male and then stop at the National Museum and then you can easily walk through the fish market or Hukuru Miskiiy. Moreover, you can also try the new dishes in Maldives in the highly delicious way.

So, get your tickets now and enjoy the paradise on earth. Plan your holiday in the best resorts of Maldives and explore the paradise.