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Australia: An Incredible Holiday Destination

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Life is running, so we are. With the busy schedule, we tend to forget about something relaxing and soothing. Thinking of the spectacular destinations in the world, Australia is one of the most popular and vibrant places. The smallest Continent and largest Island, which consists of Multi-Cultural Cities, Safari across Vast Sand Islands and friendly people involved in various industries. More than 12 Tourists Attractions are noted in the Australia and around the place.

– Sydney Opera House is a shell-shaped building and one of the greatest architectural figures, which is surrounded by water. It was constructed in 1973.

– Great Barrier Reef was established in the year 1975, to protect fragile ecosystem including 3000 Coral Reefs: 600 Continental Islands, 300 Coral Cays and inshore Mangrove Islands. One of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, visible from outer space.

– Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the famous icons in Australia which was constructed in 1932. Rising 134 m above the harbor, the bridge spans 500  m connecting Sydney’s North Shore to Central Business District. The bridge consists of pedestrian path, 2 railway lines and 8 lanes for road traffic.

– Blue Mountains National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, situated 81 km West of Sydney and a nice place to visit for a days’ trip.

– Bondi Beach is near to City Center and a great picnic spot. Shops, Cafes and Restaurants lie across the street from famous Coastal Strip and the beach is popular for Christmas and New Year Eve’s celebration.

– Great Ocean Road is 300 km along Australia’s South East Coast. This is one of the top attractions along the road. Wind and Wave sculptured rock formations looks like a big puzzle from the helicopter.

Far away from the hectic and stressful life, such dream holiday is the energy booster for the life. The unforgettable experience of the mesmerizing holiday creates a fresh and enthusiastic approach towards the business and career, too. Don’t wait anymore, pack your bags now.